Crystal Coat:

“Preserve, Protect, Perfection: Your Marble’s Shield of Elegance”

Crystal Coat:

“Preserve, Protect, Perfection: Your Marble’s Shield of Elegance”


At Crystal Coat, we specialize in preserving the beauty of the natural stone by providing expert protection against staining and etching. Our advanced coatings create a durable shield that safeguards material stone, ensuring they retain their elegance for years to come. With our proven solutions and commitment to excellence, trust Crystal Coat to protect and enhance your valuable material stone.

Its thin application ensures that it seamlessly integrates with the natural stone surface, preserving its original appearance without adding bulk or altering its aesthetic. Unlike thicker coatings or sealants, Crystal Coat maintains the natural look and feel of the stone, allowing its inherent beauty to shine through. This thin yet durable layer provides effective protection against etching and staining while allowing the intricate details and unique characteristics of the natural stone to remain visible.

There are two options for Crystal coat:

polished and satin finishes.



The polished finish offers a glossy shine, while the satin finish provides a softer, matte appearance.

Best-in-class surface protection, Southern Ontario



Enhance and protect your surfaces with our expert film and coating services, delivering superior durability and lasting quality.


Revitalize and restore the beauty of your surfaces with our meticulous restoration services, bringing back their original charm and elegance.

Key Features

Stain Proof

Heat Risistant Upto 250FH

Etch Proof

UV Protected

Crystal Coat’s chemical-resistant properties make it highly durable and reliable in various environments, including kitchens and bathrooms. It withstands exposure to common household chemicals, such as acidic substances and cleaning agents, without degrading or losing its protective qualities.






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Satisfied Customers Reviews

Christine T- Mississauga, ON

I Hired this company to polish my counter tops and add a Crystal Coat to protect it and keep it looking new. Absolutely love the results. Would highly recommend anyone who wants to protect and keep in pristine condition

C C- Richmond Hill, ON

Crystal coat is the perfect solution to ensure your expensive stone stays in top notch shape! Chris was so professional and helpful from beginning to end. He left my countertops looking brand new!! Highly recommend

Emilia Thabet. - Vaughan

Crystal coat was recommended to me by CIOT when I got my brand new counters. I’m so thankful I got to use this company and put a barrier on that will last me many many years

C C- Richmond Hill, ON Chelsea Deadman. - Brampton

I am so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism Chris and his team had. I would recommend to anyone 100%, do not hesitate to contact

Sheida kernc- North York, ON

Highly recommend Crystal Coat. Chris is very professional and knowledgeable and does great work. My countertops have never looked better.


1. What is Crystal Coat?

Crystal Coat is an advanced film protection solution designed to safeguard stone surfaces, such as marble, granite, quartzite and other surfaces

2. How does Crystal Coat protect my surfaces?

Crystal Coat forms a thin, durable barrier on the surface of the stone, providing resistance against etching, staining, and damage from everyday use and exposure to elements.

3. Is Crystal Coat suitable for all types of stone surfaces?

Yes, Crystal Coat is suitable for various types of stone surfaces, including marble, granite, quartz, and more.

4. How long does Crystal Coat last?

Crystal Coat typically provides long-lasting protection, with a warranty coverage of up to 10 years for defects caused by our manufacturing process or materials.

5. Can Crystal Coat be used in high-traffic areas?

Yes, Crystal Coat is suitable for use in high-traffic areas, providing durable protection against wear and tear.

6. How should I clean surfaces treated with Crystal Coat?

Surfaces treated with Crystal Coat can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap, offering effortless maintenance.

7. Does Crystal Coat change the appearance of my stone surfaces?

No, Crystal Coat maintains the natural appearance of stone surfaces, preserving their original look and feel.

8. Is Crystal Coat safe for food preparation areas?

Yes, Crystal Coat is safe for use in food preparation areas, providing a protective barrier that is resistant to common household chemicals.

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Crystal Coat Warranty: 10-Year Coverage for Interior Applications

Crystal Coat products are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty for interior applications. This warranty specifically safeguards the product against yellowing, blistering, or bubbling from the protected surface. However, it does not cover intentional or unintentional scratching or peeling.

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